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SAXOPHONE COURSE - The start of your music journey

色士風課程 - 由此開始接觸及演奏不同類型的音樂

"I do really enjoy taking your course. I have no idea about music and instrument experience for my past 28 years of life. But I really enjoy playing my Sax now. I try to practice everyday, even for 10 minutes. Your teaching really a good beginning for a music blind like me." --- Comments from a student, Billy Ip

"Your comments are really encouraging. I really appreciate. I think they not only encourage myself but also others who are hesitating whether they should start playing music instruments and enjoying the music life." --- Reply from Ken

“Thank you for your valuable teaching in the past year.  I'm happy to attend the lessons in your studio. It's amazing for me which can now playing some songs by saxophone since I've no experience in playing any musical instruments before." -- Andrew Leung

“Thanks teaching me and I’m so glad getting the right decision to join your class and follow your guidance” -- Shermain Hung

“Thank you so much, Ken!!! Really enjoy learning from you and appreciate your patience to us!!!”  -- Winky Ku

“Thanks Ken!  Enjoyed much in class! “ -- Kennes Tong




"I had truly enjoyed the time that spent with everyone in the class and my saxophone. It has been so much fun to experience from 0-music knowledge to being able to play a song with an instrument!" -- Kristie Leung

"Thank you so much for your lessons and I enjoyed so much. “ “The teacher is very patient, and gave many practical advices on making improvements"  -- Anny Mak

"A well balance of elements are included in the course. The warm up exercise helps advancing different techniques and improving common mistakes. All these are new to me and I enjoy improving the details.

The songs chosen in the course are all very nice and in a mixture of style. I only played and enjoyed jazz songs with sax 10 years ago. I started to like playing pop songs after this course and become open minded to different style of songs.

I like sometimes there are different keys for one song, so we can choose an appropriate key accordingly to our level or mood.

I like the encouragement and patience from Ken. He always try to find our advantages and encourage us positively. This makes me enjoying class and building confidence.

I enjoy making friends in the class and sharing experience with classmates."

"Learning with Ken gives us opportunities to perform on stage in different occasions. Performance is a way to provide pressure and motivation for practicing. Every performance made me learn much more and build confidence.

Last but not least, “share the joy of music” is the greatest thing I learnt!" -- Winky Ku

"Thank You Very Much, Ken.  You are a good teacher and instructor.   Keep up the good work. "  -- Ben Leung

“Thank you so much for your lessons for last few days. I think your are a great musician and a music teacher. I learned a lot from you for the best for the beginner.  Thank you again and God bless you and on your journey.” -- Neil Youk, USA

“Hi Ken, I would like to say thank you again. You help me patiently to resolve the tone and intonation problem over a long period of time. I found more and more fun and satisfaction for playing sax now.”  -- Gary Lo

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Everyone could play saxophone and enjoy music. That’s for sure. It is actually not much related to music talent (cause this is a natural born gift to everyone). Instead, it is about the commitment and how we maintain our interest and fun through the process to achieve this goal.

Being a saxophone teacher, The focus is not solely identifying students’ mistakes, more importantly is to encourage and inspire the students to breakthrough their current level and build up their confidence in music playing.

Playing saxophone, reading music score would be a challenge to new comers but in return, it will give you Friendship, Achievement, Confidence and Enjoyment. Also, it’s not that difficult as you may think.

Teaching Languages: English / Cantonese

Course Venue: Prince Edward, Kowloon

Course Characteristics:

•Customized course material to suit individual's interest and level

•Transcript saxophone scores upon request and provide customized background music to enhance the interest of study

•Provide saxophones being used in lessons

•Provide saxophone rental service for beginners

•More flexible lesson time arrangement

•Lessons for Soprano, Alto or Tenor saxophones are available

Course Outlines:

(A) Elementary Level


•Saxophone, mouthpiece and reed selection

•Proper posture and embouchure

•Fingering technique

•Tone control and intonation development

•Articulation technique•Basic music theory (e.g. Key signatures)

•Basic sight-reading and Rhythm training


(B) Classical Stream

•Classical saxophone tone and articulation

•Classical pieces study (e.g. Baroque Period piece)

•Scales and Arpeggios

•Sight-reading training

•ABRSM examination skills


(C) Jazz Stream

  1. •Sub-tone technique

  2. •Swing feel and articulation

  3. •Jazz saxophone tone

  4. •Standard Jazz Tunes Study (e.g. Fly me to the moon)

  5. •Basic Improvisation Techniques

  6. •Jazz harmony and theory

  7. •Jazz Styles study (e.g. Swing, Bossa Nova, Ballad)

  8. •Jazz Ensemble Techniques


(D) Pop/Rock Stream

  1. •Ear Training (Play with the melody instantly without music score)

  2. •Jam with Pop and Rock songs and play melody variations

  3. •Movie, pop songs study (e.g. Kenny G – Forever in Love, Canto / English / Japanese pop songs)

  4. •Altissimo technique

Please contact Ken for further enquiry.

Mobile: 9269-8095 (Ken)


Wanna perform a song for your Fiancé or Fiancée in your wedding?

This would always be a good incentive to start your music journey. Choose your favourite song, setup your goal and get yourself 6 – 9 months advance time to prepare. You will soon be a shinning groom/bride at this precious moment.

Don't worry if you only have the music (e.g. CD, MP3) of your favourite songs, saxophone score could be transcribed and provided when needed.

有些朋友會對開始學習色士風 (薩克斯風) 存有一些疑慮, 例如年齡, 音樂感, 對樂理的認識等. 其實只要敢於定下目標, 預留練習時間, 任何人士不論年齡都可學習及用色士風演奏自己喜歡的樂章.

作為一位色士風導師, 我想重點不在於只是指出學生的錯誤, 反而更重要是如何去鼓勵和啟發他們, 使他們除了能正確地吹奏, 更能從練習中獲得樂趣.

對初學的朋友來說, 閱讀樂譜, 能隨心所欲地吹奏色士風都是一項新挑戰, 但當克服過後, 它除了會為你帶來一班音樂上的好友之外, 更可從表演中培養出自信心和獲到滿足感.

教學語言: 粵語 / 英語

上課地點: 九龍太子區 







•學員可選擇以 Soprano, Alto 或 Tenor 色士風上課



(A) 基礎課程

•選擇合適的色士風, 吹咀及簧片





•基礎樂理 (例如: 調性)



(B) 古典樂課程


•學習古典樂章 (例如: 巴洛克時期作品)



•英國皇家音樂學院 (ABRSM) 器樂考試技巧


(C) 爵士樂課程

•Sub-tone 技巧

•搖擺 (Swing) 風格及吐音技巧


•學習爵士樂曲目(例如: Fly me to the moon)



•學習各種爵士樂類型 (例如: Swing, Bossa Nova, Ballad)



(D) 流行曲/搖滾樂課程

•聽力訓練 (演繹旋律而不用預先閱譜)

•流行曲及搖滾樂即興演奏及旋律變•學習電影及流行樂曲 (例如: Kenny G – Forever in Love, 廣東 / 英語 / 日語 流行曲)

•超高音 (Altissimo) 技巧


查詢電話: 9269-8095 (Ken)


希望於婚宴上為你的另一半演繹心愛的樂章 ?

這亦是一個跟好的契機去開始你的音樂旅程. 除了要定下目標, 揀選心愛樂曲之外, 亦請預留六至九個月時間去為表演做充足的準備.

即使只有樂曲音樂(例如: CD, MP3) 而沒有樂譜也不用擔心, 如有需要, 可代為編寫樂譜




  • 共八課,每課 1 小時

  • ​適合對色士風有興趣而從未吹奏過色士風的人士

  • 學費: 全期八課 2800 元 (包 The Standard of Excellence Book 1 課本及 Amazing Grace, Happy Birthday To You 樂譜)



  • 共八課,每課 1 小時

  • ​適合對色士風有興趣而從未吹奏過色士風的人士

  • ​接受個別報名

  • 學費: 全期八課每人 2000 元 (包 The Standard of Excellence Book 1 課本及 Amazing Grace, Happy Birthday To You 樂譜)

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使用 Zoom, Skype 或 Facetime 軟件上課,足不出戶學習色士風。雖然遙距課程臨場共鳴感不及親身上課,但可以在家輕鬆學習,對學習即興演奏也是一個不錯的選擇




​流行曲教材示範 / Pop Song Demo
Dear Jane - 銀河修理員Galactic Repairman | Tenor Saxophone Cover (12)

Dear Jane - 銀河修理員Galactic Repairman | Tenor Saxophone Cover (12)

Original Version: Dear Jane - 銀河修理員 Galactic Repairman (Official Music Video) 作詞:黃偉文 作曲:Howie @ Dear Jane 原曲編曲:Dear Jane ---- 最近常常聽「銀河修理員」這一曲,我開始想除了曲詞編唱等元素,其實什麼令我一路聽這曲呢? 可能因為我在 "Big Band" 裡負責 Tenor Saxophone 的關係 (註:樂團一般都是 Alto Saxophone 或 lead trumpet 負責主音),每次我都很留意和音的部分和和聲的關係,之後就開始想應該要把和音的部分 transcribe 出來。 了解了和音的結構後,又想想是不是應該把它錄下來(因剛購入 Universal Audio Apollo X4 介面和部分 plug-ins,最近對錄音和混音也很感興趣) 但問題又來了,我應該只用原裝的版本 over-dub 上去或找個伴奏版本嗎?基於我不是琴手, 鼓手的關係,最後我用了近來較喜歡 Toontrack 公司的 EZDrummer EZKeys (Keyboard + Strings) EZMix 等製作了一個伴奏音樂 (對,我是 Toontrack 的 fans ,也期待著 5 月 19 日推出 EZbass) 錄音,錄影完成後,原裝 MV 帶出的色彩也是很吸引的地方,我本身房間只是辦公室般的白光,加在一起太說不過去,於是又在剪片時,在 VaDinci Resolve 16 的 color grading 版面改了把自己畫面的色調調校暗一點,當然這不能和專業 colorist 相提並論 現在好像是,只要找到自己想做的事情,總找到適合的方法去嘗試,雖然都是撞板多,但撞撞下又好像和想做的距離拉近了一點。 ---- My Recording Setup: - Universal Audio Apollo X4 Audio Interface - UAD Plug-ins: Avalon VT-737 Preamp, Teletronix LA-2A Legacy Compressor, Pultec EQP-01A Legacy Equalizer - Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Microphone - DAW: Logic Pro X - Video Editing and Color Grading: DaVinci Resolve 16 ------ Website: Blog: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: Soundcloud:
次中音薩克斯風即興演出 / Tenor Saxophone Improvisation
色士風教材示範 / Soprano Saxophone Demo
學生演出 / Students Performance
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